Getting people into homes is my passion, my purpose and my obsession.

Home Ownership is about building generational wealth and investing in yourself. We defeat ourselves because our mindset doesn’t allow us to think beyond renting most of the time. Knowledge is POWER.

As a Loan Originator, Chantell loves helping people achieve the dream of homeownership and overcoming the obstacles that clients think will stand in the way. She treats people the way they want to be treated and respects them as a family by communicating and being transparent in the process. 

Everyone deserves to become a homeowner as they wish and she strives to be your lender for life. She is here to turn your NO from your previous lender into a new opportunity and get you into the KNOW with KNOWLEDGE!

Town Square Mortgage
Loan Originator
Licencia # 261460
Beaumont, TX

(325) 203-6433

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